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Less than a week left in the New Year!! I just wanted to say happy holidays to all of you, and that you all are very special. Girls and guys alike! and a very special thank you to a sex pervert who gave me a hottie to corrupt for Christmas! I love corrupting one of my younger co-workers. Getting them in situations to get that tight little pussy pounded, and Bailey made a great victim. Let’s plot against some of my other girlfriends!

Check out my new year’s resolutions and other tidbits on trouble girls.

“Taylor and I got to do a rough round with one of our favorite CBT boys. We have played WAY TOO ROUGH with this boy before so I wasn’t sure if he would piss and moan when we told him to do certain things but he showed his true little CBT slut subbie roots!!!

First, he bought EVERYTHING on the list I sent him – EVERYTHING. Then got busy binding, clamping, twisting, penetrating, spanking, ball smacking – you get the idea. And like a good obedient little fucker, it did not matter what Taylor or I suggested, he DID IT!! Can’t wait to step on your ball sack with my hot pretty Manolo Blahniks again soon!!!”

Your wife tells you No, the kids are clamoring for your attention, the in-laws are always
making you feel less than a desirable mate for their wonderful, frigid daughter, you need a

secret Mistress is what the Doctor is ordering *wink*

Think about dropping by the apartment you have just for her, there she is waiting with open arms not only willing but wanting anything you would do with her or to her.

Never hearing the word “NO”, never any stresses to worry about, only the open invitation of her
warm, exoticbeautiful body.

The outside world doesn’t know she exists, so it can’t interfere. She is always waiting for you,
with never a cross word, welcoming and loving you.

With her, sex is adventurous once again, it doesn’t matter where, when or how she loves it!
Your Mistress has no inhibitions, she is No Taboos, she wants only to please and be pleased by you.

Don’t you think you need a Secret Mistress? Don’t you deserve one?  I think you do.

I am Seductive Libby, a true Secret Mistress just for you. Give me a call luv, you don’t even
need the apartment.

I love to pretend I’m someone else. I can be your naughty neighbor, the hot,
popular girl in school (except this time I won’t shoot you down, lol). It really is hot to play
the slut at the local bar or soccer game, teasing you and blowing you kisses, or giving you a
secret peek at my wet pussy!