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How To Have Phone Sex

Okay guys, I’m Holly, and as a woman, I get asked about how to have phone sex all the time! It always comes up once they find out that I work as a phone sex operator and LOVE it. Why? Because I’m a bit of a nympho and love masturbating to some horny guy’s most intimate and yes, perverted sexual fantasy or desire and can do it all night long if able. Now first off, get the idea out of your mind that it’s something to be bashful or ashamed of – hell, even Cosmopolitan gives advice on phone sex to their female readers and actually encourages people to do it! So let’s not worry about what others think and get right down to the GOOD stuff – my guide for men on how to have phone sex!

What IS Phone Sex?

Probably the easiest way to describe what phone sex is – is by saying it’s two people getting each other to reach orgasm by fantasizing over the phone. Sometimes by asking the other to do things sexually and letting them listen, or to participate in an active role play where one or both parties acts out a certain scene or personality type that the caller (and to be frank about it, the phone sex operator too) finds sexually arousing.

And trust me, guys, WE find it just as sexually gratifying as you do! Why do you think we do it? Yeah, the money is good, but the orgasms are AWESOME!

But My Sexual Fantasies Are Taboo Or Forbidden

Good! The kinkier and dirtier the better! Remember, this is all about YOUR private and personal sexual fantasy – it’s SUPPOSED to be taboo or forbidden, right? Mother and son, dad and daughter, Mistress and slave, pantyhose or panties fetish, foot and ass worship, muscle women and fat girls to super specialized fetish kinks like feminization and small penis humiliation – BUT those are just for starters! Many of my favorite clients love to take me to places I’d never have thought of in a million years of sexual fantasizing – that’s the beauty of phone sex, you’re only limited by your imagination.

And trust me, we gals LOVE to get just as nasty if not more so than any guy! Ever heard girls gossiping and talking about sex when they think they’re alone? Our moms would have a heart attack if they knew the type of things we get off on in the bedroom – or over the telephone with strangers!

So don’t EVER think you’re going to be too much for a good phone sex operator, we wouldn’t be doing it if WE didn’t get off on it just as hard as you are, right?

Is Phone Sex Cheating?

An interesting question I get ALL the time! A simple answer is if it involves a couple into having phone sex with each other, than it’s an obvious no, right? I mean, how can you cheat WITH your partner? BUT, if it involves your man having phone sex with someone else you don’t know, how would you feel? Me, personally? I’d say phone sex is not cheating. Why? Well think about it, what is involved? People aren’t touching each other, they’re basically masturbating to a fantasy – and how is that really any different form masturbating to a porn video or picture online or in a magazine?

And I know many wives that would rather have their man getting off with a phone sex operator than going out and having an affair. Besides, it allows the person to explore and get off on sexual fetishes and impulses that they most likely can’t in their everyday lives. It satisfies a need that more than often the person isn’t comfortable even discussing, let alone participating in (like many gender-bending fetishes or bi and gay curious sexual fantasies).

It’s a safe and totally healthy way to get off without anybody else knowing your business and judging you. I’m ALL for it!

How About Some Phone Sex Tips?

Ideas for phone sex conversations are as varied as different people’s personalities, so there’s not really a set bunch of “rules” you need to follow. But the first thing I would say to someone is to figure out what exactly turns you on and to be as specific as you can (or want to be). Tell the person on the other end of the line what kind of “role play” you want them to engage in. Figuring out your phone sex ideas can be really fun too. Ask yourself WHAT it is about the subject that turns you on – do you like older women? Young girls? Black, fat or Asian girls? Do you want to be dominated by a Mistress, Mother or cuckolding wife – and in what way?

The more refined and specific you can be, the better your phone partner can create a fantasy for you and them to enjoy. Give them some things to work with and let them take you on a sexual adventure tuned to that. And remember, by selecting the right TYPE of phone sex number you will already be talking with people who KNOW your kink, type or fetish – and get off on it JUST as hard as you DO. So don’t be shy!

Things To Say During Phone Sex

Okay, so you’ve selected the appropriate phone sex number that you want to try and are ready to make the call – what do you say? Well first off, you’ll probably here a “preamble” a recorded message that is designed to give you an idea of what’s available – but doesn’t get hung up on whether you like the voice or fantasy too much, it’s just a starter. The phone sex operator you’re ultimately connected to will tailor your fantasy in any direction you desire.

Of course first, there’s the business aspect to get out of the way – what the cost per minute is, whether you want a flat rate (fixed amount of time) or desire to just let it take you as long as it’s getting you off, etc. Once that’s out of the way (and paying with a credit card also helps prove you’re not underage), then you’ll be connected to the party you want. NOW the fun begins!

So maybe you’ve selected a mature phone sex number. When the gal asks you want you’re into or desire, you might say something like “I want you to be my older teacher in school and you seduce me after class” or “You’re my best friend’s mother and one day you give me a blow job when I come over to drop off something”. Get kinky and specific! If you want to get dirty and say “You’re the old lady that lives in my building and want me to fuck you in the ass!” Say it! We LOVE it! It gets us going and ready to get BOTH of us off!

If you’re chosen a fetish phone sex number the person on the other end will also be into the lifestyle and will totally understand the terms and lingo. A Sissy phone Mistress will know exactly what you mean if you say things like “I want to be feminized as a male maid” or “I want to be forced to suck cock as your sissy husband”. A pantyhose phone sex conversation can center on a particular type of hose or tights. “I like sheer pantyhose with no panties underneath and I want you to rub your pussy through the fabric so I can hear it!” might be the starter for your fantasy – Get into it! I personally love role-playing that I’m some man’s naughty little daughter and want to suck his cock when mom’s out of the house. I play the “lolita” to the hilt and talk baby talk to the guy if he wants it. All he has to do is TELL me how he likes it and off I go!

Where Can I Find Some GOOD Phone Sex Numbers To Try?

Now that’s easy! I’ve made a deal with my service to post all of our BEST numbers right here for interested people to try on an ala cart basis. Simply look up something that you like (or is close to what you like, your phone sex operator will custom tailor it to your desires) and dial it! It’s THAT easy!

So now you KNOW how to have phone sex – time to GET BUSY!