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What Are the Best Things To Say During Phone Sex?

Hi, I’m Jennifer and Holly asked me to do an article for her on phone sex and a few of my thoughts and practices.

There is a reason why many relationships end quickly and people get bored after a few weeks or even a few days. This is because something is needed to break the everyday routine which makes people get bored and frustrated very soon. Trying something different once in a while and at the same time exciting always helps and many couples have managed to stay happy for a long time by being creative. There are a few ways in which couples and singles can reach high levels of sexual pleasures without being with their lover and phone sex is the best way.

There is nothing that I hate more than getting in a routine relationship with a boyfriend and spend every day in the exact same way. That is when I heard about phone sex and decided to give it a go. At the beginning, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know what things to say during phone sex because it was all so new for me. I soon got a hang of it and it turned out to be just what I needed because it allowed me to feel all the sexual excitement without leaving my house and without cheating on my boyfriend.

Any Place, Any Time, Anyway

The amazing thing about phone sex is that everyone can do it and there are literally no limits. This means that whether you are on holiday or a business trip, you can easily get on the phone and finish your day by getting satisfied as you want. Also, if you are at home and are not bothered to get dressed, put on the makeup, fix the hair and go out to see your boyfriend, the end result can still easily be reached. For me, phone sex is sometimes even better than the real thing if I’m on the phone with someone who likes the same things as me and knows how to turn me on.

For every beginner, the main question is what are the things to say during phone sex and how can I get in the mood? It is much easier than people first think and after just a few minutes they can get all sorts of phone sex ideas. Basically, all it takes sometimes is a few naughty words or a breath of air on the phone to get the person who is listening in an amazing mood. I personally love more than anything when I hear the guy I’m talking to speak to me in a shaky voice and I imagine how he is playing with himself. The opportunities are endless and everyone can use their mind and imagine any setting that turns them on. This means that if you like sailors and men in uniform as I do, you can easily make your fantasy come true by telling your man on the phone to be a soldier and talk to you in a disciplined manner. Everyone can make their own fantasy come true and people who just like regular excitement can focus on what each phone sex partner is wearing and what he/she likes doing.

Couples Should Try Phone Sex Too

The voice is a very powerful sexual tool and sometimes it can give so much more details than a touch or a kiss which is why phone sex is so awesome. There aren’t many ways for people to get that kind of excitement and best of all is that phone sex is always available when you are. After a few conversations, the phone sex ideas just keep coming up and the whole phone sex excitement keeps getting better and better for everyone involved. For me, phone sex is a great way to meet men because it allows me to find someone who has what it takes to satisfy all my fantasies and desires. At the end of the day, every relationship is based on the abilities for both lovers to please one another sexually and that is why I don’t believe in those regular first few dates when I go out to dinners, movies, and bars. Phone sex allows me to be certain that the guy is good for me and can provide for me all the excitement I need and want. Now, whenever I’m in the mood for some excitement, I can simply pick up the phone and be certain that my day will end in the best possible way.

Just Get Into It!

After getting past the few first problems that every beginner has, the things to say during phone sex will not be an issue so you can relax and enjoy the greatest sexual excitement possible. Phone sex is easy and available whenever you are in the mood which is why I love it so much. Today, people don’t have so much free time so they can’t seem to find enough quality time with their boyfriends or girlfriends. This is where phone sex comes in very practical because it offers them a chance to get satisfied and feel the rush even when their lovers are far away and this is of course not cheating which is very important. Phone sex is simply a way for people to enjoy themselves when they have some spare time which can be just as reading a magazine or watching a movie but with so much more excitement and satisfaction.

For a girl like me, phone sex has become essential in everyday life and it just makes it easier for me to get through the day. Once people get the hang of it and don’t spend so much time thinking about the things to say during phone sex, it becomes so fun and relaxing at the end. Phone sex has definitely changed the way in which people can satisfy their sexual needs. It is an ideal beginning or end of the day for people in all parts of the world. Now, you don’t need your lover to be in your neighborhood or even city because it can all be done thanks to the simple phone.